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Round 2!!

Why round 2 you ask? Because I am a dingbat and didn’t upload my first blog attempt correctly and then accidentally deleted it… I get to rewrite everything now…

Yep… That’s me –.–

Heya! I am Angelina but you can call me Boo or Boobz. Everyone does. There’s a lot of debate in my family as to where the whole calling me Booboo stems, from with tons of different theories but just call me Boo if Angelina is too long for you. Oh! And if I see or hear an “Angie” expect no response from me because, to quote the Ting Tings– “That’s Not My Name!”.

I am an illustrator living in the historical and ancient town of Hastings, East Sussex U.K. I moved to Hastings from big ol’ London with my partner in January 2018. Officially a whole year in a new town (*YAY*) and nope, I am not an English girl. In fact, I am half Austrian- half American, and if I had a penny for every time I get asked “How does that work?” I would be one rich little lady.

Well you are in for a treat! When an Austrian man and an American woman love each other very much… (*insert the rest in here yourselves you little pervs ;P*)

I speak english with a strong American accent and sound like a Styrian (rural Austria) farmer when saying anything in german. It’s funny how it blows peoples minds because Americans think I’m American and Austrians think I’m Austrian and my community around me think I’m holiday.

I love true crime and documentaries. I am currently obsessed with these two comedians who have a true crime podcast based in Reno, Nevada. It’s called SMALL TOWN MURDER and if you love true crime and comedy then this is defo the one for you! Obviously they never would make fun of the victims or their families but make fun of the fact of being in a small town in butt-squat-no-where America and the whole situation etc. I’ve ruined and had to redo a lot of my artwork due to outbursts of laughter.

Documentary-wise I prefer watching historical ones. My childhood dream was to be an archeologist and discover Atlantis and find the lost city of El Dorado. Plus, since I now live in Hastings, I content myself with researching the crap out of William the Conqueror, the infamous Battle of Hastings in 1066 and find all the haunted pubs and castles in the area of East Sussex. Living in England does have it’s perks if you’re a history buff.

I am the fourth out of five sisters. Yep, that is correct. Numero 4 outta 5. And Yes, my  rockstar momma was busy and she is a fricken queen. She taught us everything we need to know about girl power, loving and respecting each other and one another, loving yourself and applying lipstick correctly and holding your head up high when shit goes down.

I am quite the family oriented person and even more so now that I have lived away from my peeps the over the past five years. Sooo… I am a needy person when it comes to family and therefore expect future posts to have family stuff in it..

Last but not least,… Well, not really but I don’t want anyone stuck reading long paragraphs, I am a cat lady. I do have a man in my life, whom I was able to convert into a cat-person (Sorry not sorry :P) and I am totally bonkers. My cat babies consist of tabby cat Pepper, who is THE sweetest and especially neediest cuddle bug ever and of Gonzales, who we call Gonzo. My currently 8 months old, over-weight (oops!) Maine Coon-Bengal mix. We got in trouble a month ago from the vets and he has been put on a strict diet. Although I have caught my partner giving him the sneaky and secret piece of ham

So what do we about me so far?

• My name’s Angelina or Boo

• I am a Austro-American hybrid

• True crime lover

• Wishes she were Indiana Jones

• Sibling number 4

• Cat lady

Alright I am officially over it now.